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We are the same company as phuketelephanttrails.com which has been open since 2015 in Phuket island and PhangNga province. Our main goal is to offer tours at friendly prices but with quality service. Give us the opportunity to take care of your holidays in your special moment.

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Amazing Tours in Phuket

Phuket Go Tours - Tour A - Elephant Trekking Tour

Elephant Trekking 30 Minutes

Experience an amazing elephant trek at the safari camp, a unique opportunity to interact with Thailand’s gentle giants in their jungle habitat.
Adult 800 THB
Child (4-11 yo) 600 THB
3 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Tour B - Elephant Trekking Tour + Monkey Show + Snake Show

Elephant Trekking + Monkey Show + Snake Show

Meet various animals of Thailand and explore jungles riding a top of an elephant!

Adult 1,500 THB
Child (4-11 yo) 1,300 THB

4.5 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Tour C - Khao Lak Bamboo Rafting

Khao Lak Bamboo Rafting

Explore Khao Lak National Park‘s lush rainforests, waterfalls, and unique wildlife on a memorable jungle safari day.

Adult 1,500 THB
Child (4-11 yo) 1,300 THB
10 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Tour D - ATV to Big Buddha & Elephant Trekking Tour

ATV to Big Buddha & Elephant Trekking

ATV to the top of iconic Big Buddha Hill, then enjoy an elephant ride through scenic hillside jungles.

Adult 1,500 THB
Child (4-11 yo) 1,300 THB
4 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Tour E - ATV to Big Buddha

ATV 1 Hour : 30 Minutes Jungle Drive & 30 Minutes to Big Buddha

Drive ATV to the top of fascinating Big Buddha Hill – one of the major landmarks on the island of Phuket.

Adult 1,500 THB
Child (4-11 yo) 1,300 THB

4 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Tour F - Zipline Adventure

Zipline Adventure

Experience a fearless zipline adventure in Phuket for thrill-seekers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking an unforgettable journey through lush landscapes.
10 Stations 1,200 THB
15 Stations 1,500 THB
Same price for adults and​ children​ over 5 years old
4 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Tour R - Rafting Adventure and Elephant Ride

Rafting Adventure & Elephant Ride

Leave Phuket for a stunning mainland adventure with scenic elephant trekking, thrilling rafting, and fun for all ages in lush jungles and flowing streams.

Adult 1,500 THB
Child (4-11 yo) 1,300 THB
10 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Tour S - Phuket Sightseeing & Elephant Riding

Phuket Sightseeing & Elephant Riding

Discover Phuket’s landmarks, shop at the top gems factory for authentic souvenirs and jewelry, and gain insights into Thai culture and traditions with your guide.

Adult 1,500 THB
Child (4-11 yo) 1,300 THB
5 hours
Phuket Go Tours - Customize Tour

Customize Tour

We organize your private tour for you.

Private​ Group​ Tour​ Organise
Bus​ Transfer​ Service
Van​ Transfer​ Service
Taxi​ Transfer​ Service
Every Day
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Great Opportunity for Adventure & Travels in Phuket

Environmentally Friendly icon

Environmentally Friendly

We provide eco-friendly elephant trekking tours in Phuket island and its surrondings.

“Elephant trekking is one of the most popular activities for all travellers visiting the island for all ages and from all countries.”

Elephant icon

Graceful Elephant

Enjoy a scenic ride atop a graceful elephant that is driven by one of experienced mahouts.

Don’t miss your unique chance to meet with this great animal, and learn more about the elephants from live interaction with them.

Well Treated Elephant

Is is Safe for Elephant ?

Our elephant camp is dedicate to providing the highest quality of life possible for our elephants.

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When should I pay?

Book now and pay later !
We don’t take any pre-booking deposit. You pay whole amount when you reach elephant camp on the day of your trip. We accept Thai Bath only.

When should I book?

Please, book all tours at least 3 hours in advance, except full-day tours. Preferred time for booking these tours is 24 hours in advance.

Where will you pick me up?

Please, wait at your hotel lobby 5 minutes before pick-up time.

Will I receive a conformation after booking?
Once booking is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation by email or text message with full contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) in case you need to update, change or cancel your booking.
Is it any extra expenses during the trip?
If you want, you can buy bananas to feed monkeys or elephants.
Should I pay for children below 4 years old?
Children under the age of 4 visit all tours free with parents only.
Children older 11 years old pay adult price (It actually depends on kid’s size).
What if the bus is not coming to pick me up?

Please contact us if bus delay more than 15 minutes.

Important Notice
For pregnant women more than 12 weeks is not recommended to ride an elephant.
Phuket Go Tours - Bungee Jumping
Phuket Go Tours - Motorbike Ride
Phuket Go Tours - Bicycle Tour
Customized and Private Tour In Phuket

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We organize your private tour for you.

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Whatever it is we can design private tours or customize ours for you.
Get to know Elephants

Fast Facts about Elephants

• Fully grown Thai elephants can weigh between 2.5 and 4 tonnes.

• Their average height is between 2 and 3 metres at the shoulder.

• They are vegetarian and especially enjoy bamboo and sugar cane.

• An elephant’s trunk is an elongation of the upper lip, containing 30 – 40,000 muscles but no bones.

• Elephants only sleep for three to four hours a night – most of the time they sleep standing up, only lying down for about one hour.

• Elephants are highly social and communicate through sound, both audible and sub-sonic, as well as touch and smell.

• Young elephants are very tactile and enjoy rough games with one another.

• Gestation period is between 18 and 22 months.

• Elephants, especially babies, are hairier than you think!

• In Asian elephants, only the males grow tusks – the females have smaller ivories called ‘tushes’ or ’kanai’ (in Thai language). In Thailand, many males do not have tusks either.

• In the wild, mature males tend to be solitary. Females live in herds governed by a matriarch in a strong social and friendship based society.

• Mahout’ is an Indian word used in Thailand for convenience, while the actual Thai phrase used for someone who has control of his own elephant is ‘Kwann Chang’.

Phuket Go Tours - Couple of Elephants
Phuket Go Tours - Elephant and Mahout
Phuket Go Tours - Talk with Elephant
Phuket Go Tours - Feed Baby Elephants
Talk with Elephants

Basic Commands to navigate your Elephant

Mahouts can control their elephant with a series of physical commands and around seventy verbal commands.

These need to be delivered in a loud and commanding voice:
• Lift leg high (to get on) – Song Soong
• Lift leg high (to get off) – Hab Soong
• Go forwards (nudge behind both ears) – Pai
• Stop (squeeze knees together) – How
• Turn (nudge behind opposite ear) – Baen
• Walk backwards (rock and kick feet backwards) – Toi
• Sit down (tap the back) – Map Lung
• Lower head (put feet over the head) – Tak Lung
• Stand up – Look Eun
• Follow me – Pae
• Slow down – Goy
• Lie down – None Lung
• Lie down fully – None Dee
• Submerge head in water – Dum Lung
• Drink – Bong
• Spray – Bone

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